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Name of organizationCityLogoWebsite
Centre Novas CALACS francophone de Prescott RussellCasselman
La corporation de la revitalisation du centre ville de Casselman (CRCVC)Casselman
Regroupement Autisme Prescott-RussellEmbrun
Maison Interlude HouseHawkesbury
Fondation HGH FoundationHawkesbury
Résidence Prescott et Russell / Prescott and Russell ResidenceHawkesbury
Services aux victimes Prescott-Russell Victim ServicesHawkesbury
Chevaliers de Colomb, Conseil St-Jean Baptiste, L'OrignalL'Orignal
Chevaliers de Colomb, Conseil St-Jean Baptiste, L'OrignalL'Orignal
Big Brothers Big Sisters of OttawaOttawa
Centre d'éducation financière EBOOttawa
Valoris for Children and Adults of Prescott-RussellPlantagenet
Maison Tucker HouseRockland
Vankleek Hill Food BankVankleek Hill
Conseil des arts Prescott-Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC)Vankleek Hill

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